About the Journal

In 1964 the Kyiv Automobile and Road Institute (from 2000 - National Transport University) established an Interagency Republican Scientific Journal "Automobile Roads and Road Construction". Registered in 2005 (Certificate of state registration of the print media dated 21.04.2005 KV № 9784, issued by the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine).

The Scientific and Technical Journal " Automobile Roads and Road Construction" in 1979 was assigned the index ISSN 0365-8171 - International Standard Number of the periodical. In 2019, the indexes ISSN 2707-4080 (Online) and ISSN 2707-4099 (CD) were assigned.

Scientific and Technical Journal "Automobile Roads and Road Construction" is included in the List of scientific professional publications of Ukraine, scientific publications in which are included in the dissertation for the Doctor of Science, Candidate of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees, and published until March 12, 2020, branch of science - technical.

The Journal is placed on the platform "Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine" in the National Library of Ukraine named after VI Vernadsky of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences.

The language of the Journal Articles is Ukrainian and English. From the third issue (1967) to the eightieth (2011) the journal was published in Ukrainian. Until 2018 inclusive, articles in the Journal were also published in Russian.

Scientific and Technical Journal "Automobile Roads and Road Construction" is published by the decision of the National Transport University Academic Council.


The Scientific and Technical Journal "Automobile Roads and Road Construction" adheres to the policy of open access to published material, recognizing as priorities the principles of scientific information free dissemination and knowledge exchange for global social progress.

The Scientific and Technical Journal is intended for scientists, research institutes employees, design and construction organizations, as well as lecturer and university students.

The main purpose of the collection of scientific works - is to provide broad sections of the scientific community with the opportunity to exchange information, cover research results and scientific and methodological developments, including at the international level, related to construction and transport infrastructure.

The tasks of the Collection are the development of scientific research that promote:

  • sustainable development of transport infrastructure;
  • introduction of innovative road building materials and technologies into practice of road construction and operational maintenance of roads;
  • environmental protection within the impact area of transport infrastructure objects;
  • increased protection and reliability of transport infrastructure objects including the objects that are classified as critical infrastructure objects;
  • economic efficiency of construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure objects and the related works;
  • raising the level of management in transport infrastructure enterprises;
  • sustainable trade and stock exchange activities in the road sector.
Scientific Subjects

Scientific topics of the Scientific and Technical Journal "Automobile Roads and Road Construction" outline the activities of the National Transport University in the field of transport construction and correspond to the specialties of applicants for higher education (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 29.04.2015 № 266):

In the scientific and technical collection "Roads and road construction" are published scientific-theoretical (analytical), scientific-practical (experimental-research) and review publications in the following fields of knowledge:

07. Management and administration (Specialty – 073 - Management, 075 - Marketing, 076 - Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities);
12. Information Technology (Specialty – 124 - System analysis);
13. Mechanical engineering (Specialty – 133 - Branch mechanical engineering (Machines for the construction of transport infrastructure, production of building materials and products));
18. Production and technology (Specialty – 183 - Environmental protection technology);
19. Architecture and construction (Specialty – 192 - Building and civil engineering 193 - Geodesy and land management, 194 - Hydrotechnical construction, water engineering and water technology).

Order of registration and submission of publications

The manuscript for publication is submitted directly to the editorial board of the Scientific and Technical Journal "Automobile Roads and Road Construction" or to the e-mail address of the journal:

The materials and accompanying documents are addressed to the executive editor in the specialty in which the article is submitted. The executive editor preliminarily approves the manuscript correspondence to the specified specialty, and the presence of the following structural elements, namely:

  • UDC;
  • information on the author(s) - last name and initials, academic degree, ORCID (in the case of a collective article - the authors are listed in the alphabetical order);
  • principal place of the author(s)’s work;
  • author’s (authors) photo;
  • the manuscript’s title;
  • abstract (in the language of the manuscript) of at least 1800 characters;
  • keywords (in the language of the manuscript);
  • introduction which outlines the issues, the relevance of the chosen topic, the analysis of recent research and publications, the purpose and objectives of the paper;
  • a presentation of the core material of the research and the obtained results;
  • conclusions summarizing the work and prospects of further research in this direction;
  • references;
  • the title of the manuscript in English if the language of the manuscript is Ukrainian or in Ukrainian if the manuscript is in English;
  • information on the author (authors) in English if the language of the manuscript is Ukrainian or information on the author (authors) in Ukrainian if the language of the manuscript is English: name and surname, academic degree, ORCIDID;
  • the abstract in English if the language of the manuscript in Ukrainian or the abstract in Ukrainian if the language of the manuscript is English of at least 1800 characters;
  • keywords in English if the language of the manuscript in Ukrainian or keywords in Ukrainian if the language of the manuscript in English.

If agreed, the executive editor sends the materials to the chief editorof the Scientific and Technical Journal " Automobile Roads and Road Construction" with a proposal to accept the manuscript for consideration by the editorial board or conduct additional review.

When submitted directly to the editors of the Journal, it should be in a hard copy in duplicate and its electronic version is sent to the e-mail of the Journal e-mail: The electronic version of the article should fully correspond to the hard copy. The manuscript must be signed on each page by all the co-authors or their responsible representative.

When submitting the manuscript of the publication to the Journal's e-mail address, an email is sent from the e-mail address which is indicated on the author’s ORCID page.

The following is added to the manuscript:

1) Cover letter from the author (in case of the collective work of the authors - from the responsible representative) in accordance with the established form. The cover letter can be submitted both, in a hard copy or electronically to the e-mail of the scientific Journal. The name of the specialty upon which the article is submitted ( 073 - “Management”; 075 - "Marketing"; 076 - "Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities"; 124 - "System analysis", 133 - "Branch mechanical engineering engineering" (Machines for the construction of transport infrastructure, production of building materials and products); 183 - “Environmental protection technology”; 192 - “Building and civil engineering”; 193 - “Geodesy and land management”; 194 - “Hydrotechnical construction, water engineering and water technology”.
2) Information on the authors is to be provided in the established format (see Annex B). Information on the authors must be submitted in two languages - in Ukrainian and in English.
3) A review of the manuscript by a scientist who has an academic degree and conducts the research under the specialties of the Journal and has published at least one manuscript in the editions included to the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine or foreign editions included in Web of Science Core Collection and / or Scopus for the last three years or has a monograph or sections of monographs published by international publishing houses related to categories A, B or C according to the classification of the Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE). A review of the manuscript may be sent to the e-mail address of the Journal by the reviewer from his e-mail, which is indicated on his personal page ORCID.
If the manuscript of the publication does not meet the requirements for registration and submission for publication in the Scientific and Technical Journal "Automobile Roads and Road Construction", which are specified in this Procedure, the publication is not accepted for reviewing.

Editorial board

Editor-in-Chief: D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Savenko V.Ya.
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Slavinska O.S., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Batrakova A.G.
Executive Secretary: Ph.D (Technical), Professor Petrovich V.V.
Executive Editor: D.Sc. (Economic), Professor Bakalinsky (Bakalinskyi) O.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Associate Professor Barabash О.V., D.Sc. (Economic), Professor Bondar N.M., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Gamelyak I.P., D.Sc. (Technical), Associate Professor Hubar Yurii, Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Kaskiv V.I. D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Mateichyk V.P., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Khrutba V.O.
Technical editors: Ph.D (Technical), Professor Usichenko O.Yu., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Kharchenko A.M., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Chechuga O.S.,

Editorial Board Members:

D.Sc. (Economic), Professor Bazyliuk A.V., Ph.D (Economic) Associate Professor Bezugly A.O., D.Sc. (Biological), Associate Professor, Biedunkova O.О., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Bilokin A.I., D.Sc. (Geographical), Professor Bondarenko E.L., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Bondarenko L.P., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Bubela A.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Vnukova N.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Prof., Vorkut T.A., D.Sc. (Physical and mathematical), Professor Gavrilenko V.V., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Gasenko L.V., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Goncharenko F.P., D.Sc. (Economic), Professor Grechan A.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Gulyaev V.I., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Dmytrychenko A.M., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Yermakov V.М., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Zhdanyuk V.K., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Zolotarev V.O., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Ivanik O,M., D.Sc. (Economic), Professor Kyrylenko Oksana, D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Kyrychenko I.G., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Kirichek Y.O., Ph.D (Technical), Professor Kiyashko I.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Kovalchuk V.P., Ph.D (Economic), Associate Professor Kontseva V.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Kuzlo M.T., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Kuzminets M.P., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Lantukh-Lyashchenko A.I., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Lytvynenko T.Р., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Loveikin V.S., D.Sc. (Economic), Professor Lozhachevska Olena, D.Sc. (Physical and mathematical), Professor Loza I.A., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Lomotko D.V., Ph.D (Chemical), Associate Professor Lukianova V.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Lunova O.В., D.Sc. (Geographical), Associate Professor Lyashenko D.O., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Malanchuk M.S., D.Sc. (Economic), Professor Mamonov K.A., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Marchuk O.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Mishutin A.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Melenchuk T.M., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Mogilny S.G., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Mozgovyi V.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Musiiko V.D., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Nagaichuk V.M., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Oksen Yevhen, D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Pavlyuk D.O., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Penkov V.О., Ph.D. (Biological), Associate Professor Petrovych O.Z., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Petruk R.V., D.Sc. (Economic), Professor Razumova K.M., D.Sc. (Physical and mathematical), Professor Rozhok Liliia, D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Romanenko V.D., D.Sc. (Eng.), Professor Semko O.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Smirnova N.V., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Snisarenko V.I., Ph.D (Economic), Associate Professor Sokolova N.M., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Tolmachev S.M., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Ugnenko E.B., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Uzhviyeva O.M., член-кореспондент НАН, D.Sc. (Chemical), Professor Finelabe O.M., Ph.D (Technical), Associate Professor Kharuta V.S., D.Sc. (Biological), Professor Shmatkov G.G., D.Sc. (Technical), Professor Yakovyshyna T.F.

Foreign Editorial Board Members:

Riheb Hadji, Ph.D., (Algeria), Wen Mingming, Ph.D., Cand. enon. Science. (China), Bozho Soldo, Ph.D., (Croatia), Ferhat Hammoum, Directeur du laboratoire Matériaux pour les Infrastructures de Transport, (France), Carlo Giavarini, Prof. (Italia), Телтаєв Багдат Бурханбайули, Dr. Tech. Sciences, Prof. (Kazakhstan), Jūratė Sužiedelytė Visockienė, Prof. Dr. (Lithuania), Renata Kotynia, Prof. (Poland), Younes Hamed, Ph.D., (Tunisia), Lev Khazanovich, Professor, (USA)

Editorial Council:

Savenko V.Ya., (head), Slavinska O.S., (Deputy Chairman), Batrakova A.G., (Deputy Chairman), Petrovich V.V. (secretary), Bakalinsky (Bakalinskyi) O.V., Barabash О.V., Bondar N.M., Gamelyak I.P., Hubar Yurii, Kaskiv V.I., Mateichyk V.P., Usychenko O.Y., Kharchenko A.M., Khrutba V.O., Chechuga O.S.

Peer review procedure and editorial ethics

Upon receipt of the publication manuscript in the editorial office of the Scientific and Technical Journal "Automobile Roads and Road Construction" it is being reviewed on:

  1. The presence of problem statement;
  2. Relevance of chosen topic;
  3. Completeness of recent research and publications analysis;
  4. Formulation of the purpose and tasks of the work;
  5. Description of the main research material and obtained results;
  6. Conclusions validity and the novelty of the research;
  7. Conformity of terminology, level of linguistic presentation of the material with the manuscript’s style;
  8. Conclusions summarizing the work’s results and the prospects for further research in determined direction;
  9. Compliance with the requirements of the Procedure for registration and submission of articles for publication in the Scientific and Technical Journal "Automobile Roads and Road Construction".
All manuscripts for publications are subject to mandatory review.


The frequency of the Journal issues is twice a year